I often learning other county's culture, laws, habits, etc...in English class. 

That's only my interest, but please tell me your country's strange ( not only strange is OK, if you think that is very interesting, cool,marvelous culture, please teach me<3)



As for me: People in my country (Japan) eats a raw egg. ( e.x. almost of all Japanese people eats raw egg with rice and soy sauce. They called it Egg on rice or Tamago kake gohan. )




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  • We have many strange and unusual habits. I am not going a great length to expose my people because you'll consider us as foolish, but I 'll tell you about one habit. Here, I was a present among people but armless because one of my relative was died and people came everywhere to share their sadness. It is called AL-Aratha. When an important person die, people come and open fire to up, then they song and dance and tell poems.


  • About us Germans:

    If you forget a birthday in Germany, you turn a blind eye. Congratulations in advance are not welcome. It means bad luck.

    Germans usually get straight to the point, directly and clearly. We so often appear rude to people who are not used to it.

    Germany is also well-known as a country that has countless and also sometimes strange or even funny, senseless laws, and regulations.

    Just to name a few of them:

    In 1896, in Germany, it was decided that no trees could be planted on a football field. (What nonsense!)

    The next senseless regulation: One may only swim in sewers with the express permission of the responsible authorities.
    Haha! Now let's be honest: Who wants to do that? Okay, it's up to you.

    Let's speak about one road traffic-regulation-point in Germany that says: Driving naked is allowed, but whoever gets out of the car undressed, risks a fine of 40€.
    You have to understand that first, haven't you?

    The next one: If an employee falls down from his office chair, it's considered an occupational accident if it is due to work-related fatigue. Hahaha, how can that be proven? Everyone will pretend it has been due to work-related fatigue.

    The last one I want to tell you is a serious subject: In Germany, there is a compulsory-cemetery- force for the burial of people.
    The compulsory cemetery stipulates that deceased persons must only be buried in a designated public place.
    Urns are also not allowed to be kept at home or buried on their own property.

    I should stop now because you might think we Germans are just crazy...LOL!

  •  In English class today, my English teacher told me about What is Valentines day. In Japan, there is a habit that is a women give a present especially chocolate to a man in Valentines day.

    Valentine's day in Japan, not only give girlfriend or boyfriend, but also give a friend/friends, family, co-workers, and a boss. 

    He said that Japan also have White day that is a man in return for the present  a man gave a women. That is only Japanese culture. 

  • i probably won't be able to eat raw egg.  

    i can't think any differently about my country. Same old same old but maybe foreigner perspective will have different views. 

  • ‪Some find odd greeting each other with two kisses, actually once I could prove it when I first met a non Spanish lady.‬
    ‪I know our shedule for lunches and dinners are far later than in any other place, at least the ones I've visited.
    ‪Many strangers find curious also how openly we talk about any topic or couples display their affection even with same gender, this is up to the person in any case‬.

  • I think there can be no strange habits in one's home country.    Some can be strange only to a stranager. :)


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      • Strangers could  be strange for you :p

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