I'm Ralph and have changed from teaching in a brick and mortar school, based in La Paz, Bolivia,  that ran a full tech immersion program.  I now teach English online to adult students, some beginners and some business people.  I have two questions for you.  1) How much time a week do you spend actively studying English-reading, listening writing, doing grammar or conversation with a tutor.  I'm not here to criticise.  I'm simply curious.  2)  How many of you that do some form of homework use any of the following applications

1)   www.esl-lab.com  for listening

2)  www.agendaweb.org for grammar

3)  www.kahoot.com    for reading, grammar speed drills also. Available from google play and app store for phones and tablets

4)  www.quizlet.com  for grammar and vocabulary

5)  www.elsa.com    for pronunciation and accent reduction. Available from google play and app store for phones and tablets

These questions are just me being curious.  Please let me know your favorite tech learning tool if I have not listed it.

I look forward to your answers.

Cheers Ralph

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  • Como estas senior RalphDavid Craft? I need some of your technology for my students too. I am not gaining much form online tuition, but I hope I improve my way of doing it. You are my friend, I hope we can have some reciprocal way to reach that target. I shall press those provided links up there and see. Thanks for sharing. 

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