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I'm so bad at English....please somebody help me....I really want to speak fluently in English...But I can't....I'm really really bad in speaking english

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  • Hello, how are you practicing your English skills? I am sure with enough practice and good tools you'll be fluent in no time, just don't give up.

    If you need a tutor to guide you, have a look around https://www.justlearn.com/english-tutors There is plenty of native English speakers who have helped many like you speak English fluently, so why not try it out :) 

    Good luck!

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    • Good morning 

      How it help me I joining it group 17.09.2019.but I not learning thing in group. How to I start learning I don't know. Give suggest. 



  • Hi


  • Hello Bunny! 

    To improve speaking you need to be an active learner. Make habit of speaking in English whenever and wherever possible. Just try, don't hesitate about making mistakes. You will learn only from rectifying you mistakes. Join a Skype group. Participate in conversation and try to speak on random topics. 

    If you do not get anyone to practice with don't get upset. Just stand in front of mirror and speak on any topic aloud. 

    Later on just record your voice listen to it and try to identify and correct the mistakes. 

    Pay attention to pronounciation of words. 

    Last but not the least please simultaneously pay attention on your grammar. 

    Wish you happy learning. :) 


  • Do not care ab out of your bad english, So, We are not b etter than you..  But there are many English teachers around and help you...I'm sure in a very sgort time You can speak and write...Welcome to MyEC .

    Have a nice weekend...

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