• Ugh... how demanding you all are ¬¬

    Okay, let's get this tea party started :P


  • I love tea so much. I like No 4 (more strong than light )
  • Tea  = 6  

    Toast = 12 

  • For me, please
    - Tea - 4

    7 and 10 crispy garlic toasts  

  • Tea: 4

    Toasts: 11

  • Yeah, in my country people drink more coffee than tea too. 

    Thanks for dropping by Janeth!

  • Don't come so late next time ¬¬

  • Hi Mary, I think that people in my country usually drink more coffee than tea.Though If I have to choose one, I would choose number 4. I do like toasts with jam and butter (number 8 would be perfect for me) with a glass of orange juice.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great day with a delicious cup of tea and toasts.

  • Really!!! 

    you took the good stuff, and left the burnt others for us -_- How mean!!! 

  • Uhm, little Roman doing weird things... What a NO surprise XD

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