In order to follow a discussion about horror movies and scary things, I am going to post something about supernatural events.
I consider myself as agnostic person.I do belive things happens for some scientific reason, some times known, and others not.
In spite of my believengs, some things do exist and happens without a reasonable explanation. These events could have an explanation
about physics events or sight distorsions but others are very hard to explain, specially from people like me, and I would like share
A years ago, I was working as a security guard in a milk company in Xalapa, Veracruz, México, my home town. One nigt a was calling
by phone to one of my old friends and suddenly I heard the sound of a chair scratchin the floor. I adress my sight right where
the sound was coming from and I see a chair in the middle of the hallway but I could swear that chair wasnt there before and I was alone in the building.
Other day in the same milk company, i was walking around the buildings limits doing my check list and veryfing that everething was
ok, and I heard a forklift alarm sound. The forklift was inside of a locked werehouse. But the thing was further of a simple explanation
because that forklift didnt have any speaker that could emit any kind of sound. What was it then? Where that sound come from in the
forklift. I never knew that. And I never tryied to find out.

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  •    There are many  unexplained  events , situations and even some people behaviors  . All of these things are labeled  under the term parapsychology  which means that there are things that happens in front  of our eyes , with no scientific  explanation  at all  . These things do not belong to our limited  world or senses  . But still there 

    • Yes, and I would like never expirience that again Rosemary.

  • Julio, estoy asustado! I can feel the creeps inside me.

    • Very scary dara gino.

  • It happened to me sometimes at my workplace... I just ignore it...  tehehe 

    • I think its the best thing we can do Fizzy.

  • Hm....I would say the same, I am an agnostic one. And yeah, in my childhood I experienced a lot of things like that. Can't deny. As well as can't deny when something like this happens, one gets scared and starts believing whatever. But, with time...and being wise enough to teach others...I do know that everything has its logical explanation. WHATEVER we see/feel/or experience....are the tricks of our mind or some physics or other light laws, heating/cooling things....blind zones...when you actually....look at that chair and you do not see it..and all of a sudden when you hear some noise made by, let's say, water tubes or running mouse...all of a sudden you start seeing the evident thing: that chair.

    As an example...when we lose something, like keys....we die from not being able to find it...and then a couple of minutes, we find it at the most visible if someone played a seek and hide game to us. This is called a blind zone. Your brain has a command: the key is lost. So it doesn't see it. And if you stop being worried and it is.

    Our brain is an incredible human machine. No one could actually explain yet how it works...but miracles and the most difficult cases have the simplest explanations usually. Especially...when one works at night, with a lack of sleep and being all alone in a closed environment (here is the key to all your mysterious events).

    Lol. Take everything easy. everything has its reasons. Sometimes...absolutely unexpected one. 

    Thanks for sharing, Julio.

    • I appreciate your comments and follow your advices.

      Thanks Olga.

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