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Hi All,

I'm a long-time English learner. I've been learning English for more than 20 years, but the serious learning started in 2001.

Now, I live in Australia and I call it my home. I'm an university student studying linguistics and Japanese. I have three additional years to complete my course, and hope that I can teach Japanese to Australian secondary school students after graduation.

English is a very interesting language because this is spoken all over the world, and non-native English speakers far outnumber native English speakers. I'm so excited we can communicate in English regardless of where we are by means of the Internet, and this lovely website.

I hope to learn a lot though this EnglishClub, as well as to be a helper to anyone!

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  • HI Sunho!
    Haha, it is interesting you say you are long time learner of English. And I once worked as part time English teacher in come companies. Well, are you student?

    • Hello James,


      Yes, I am a university student. I study linguistics and Japanese in my 3rd year. It's interesting you once taught English in companies. I aim to be teaching Engilsh as a second langage after I leave university in a few years. Do you come from Hong Kong or China or Taiwan?

  • Hi Onee-chan, 

    Nice to meet you, too. I hope you enjoy your day!

    • Thank you, Sunho. Hope to see you around and more active.

      Have a nice day! :)

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  • Hello Sunho,

    Nice to meet you! Hope to see you around.:)

  • Thanks

  • Hi Sunho!

    Welcome to MyEC!

    This is the best place for improving your English!


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