Hello, My friends...Yesterday, I was reading the discussion topic of Dara on '' Can optimisim be a medicine for the heart '' .Suddenly ,came into my mind to blackening something  about our helth issue.Here you are ;

A heart attack occurs when blood flow to a part of the heart is blocked usually by a blood clot.Without oxygenated blood the heart muscle begins to die .A stroke is a brain attack,cutting off vital blood flow and oxyyene to the brain.Stroke happens  when a blood vessel feeding the brain get clogged or bursts..

           Heart attack and stroke risk factors ;

Although heart attack and stroke are different ,the risk factors are the same for both :

Smoking - High blood pressure - High Cholesterol - Diabetes -Sedentary life style - Family history - Abnormal heart rhythm .

from a Medical Magazine ..Apr.2017


I wish you happy and  healthy Life  ,

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