I have have been reading english books & nobles for improving my english, but some sentances is tough to understand These are :

1- I am going to flunk

2- Allow me to vent

3- I have been through it

4- I can't be in denial anymore

Above sentances is problem for me. Please help me & tell me there's meaning in simple way 

My mother language is Hindi


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  • Very supporting MaYa, good gesture.

    • @Mishaikh: old members should help newbies, isn't it nice to see those people whom you helped before and now they're much better and fluent than you are...lolz!

  • there are words that are needed to be corrected; novels not nobles, sentences not sentances. and if the word is plural, like what you wrote "Above sentances is problem for me." it should be "sentences are" or if its in past participle it should be "sentences were". You have to watch out for the grammars too, as i have noticed, some your sentences were wrong. But don't get offended as being corrected will help you to improve and enhance your vocabulary and everything related to English skills. There's lots of members here that are willing to help other members too. hope you meet them soon.

    1- I am going to flunk - I'm going to fail

    2- Allow me to vent - (vent) is to express your emotion in an angry manner

    3- I have been through it - your done with it

    4- I can't be in denial anymore - you can't hide or deny something any longer

    These explanations are based on my own words and what i have understand only. any corrections are welcome.

    • Dear Atul see Maya how nicely she explained.If we have another couple of Maya,No need to worry for learn english.
      • You are right Dear, such one inspired us newbies for learn english, even my english is terrible i was sick, but i knew someone would be, who could correct my english, are you also a newbies as i am or a good speaker ? Nice to see you , i am going to send you a friend request accept it 

    • Thanks a lot Maya

      Actually i am new here besides new for english language too. I again greatful to you for solving my problems, as you have helped me keep it up, i want such you friends who could help me , i don't want to mistakes so longer. please explain more about No. 2 & 3 . i have problems with them . well your suggestion would help me for improving my english


      Atul from India

      • there's lots of mistakes in your sentences, grammatical errors. But don't worry, i have seen lots of members here before that started as you are, but they improved well, even some of them became a star member here. You just have to exert some effort and a mindset to learn. You can start by commenting on discussions and blogs, you can do your own blogs too if you feel like. I'm looking forward to read your first blog.

        by the way here are my examples:

        -i have been through many problems in my life and that made me a strong person.

        - im so stressed these days, so please allow me to vent.

        • I know there's lots of members here, but firstly you saw my problem and came forward to solve them on my discussion. That's a really great for me . your examples are helpful.


          Atul from India

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