Dear members of MyEC. Here are some brain teasers to solve. Who of you can do that?

Have fun!


1. There are clocks on a shelf. Two of them are yellow clocks. One of the yellow clocks is the sixth from the left and the other is the eighth from the right. There are different coloured clocks between the two yellow clocks. What is the minimum number of clocks on the shelf?

2. A freighter is in port. A sailor paints the ship. His rope ladder extends up to 10 cm above the water, the rungs are 25 cm apart from each other. The seaman is standing on the lowest rung when the tide comes. The water level rises by 65 cm.

How many rungs does he have to climb higher so that his feet don't get wet?

3. Arriving at the weekend house, the master of the house finds out that there is so little fuel left in the only kerosene lamp that the wick is no longer immersed in it. "We run out of petroleum. There is nothing we can do about it.", He sighs, "We must be sitting here in the dark!" But his wife laughs at him. "Wait a minute, we'll have that in a moment," she says. Two minutes later the lamp is on.

What did she do?

4. There are 16 passengers in a bus. 6 of them get off at a stop and 4 new passengers get on.

How many people are on the bus now?

5. Can a woman who lives in New York be buried west of New Orleans?

6. If someone stands in the middle of a room with the walls, ceiling and floor lined with mirrors, how often can he see himself?

7. A woman is murdered in her car. She has two bullet holes: in the chest and the head. The police find the body in the driver's seat, the coroner says it was dead for about 20 minutes and that both shots came from outside. A suicide was therefore impossible. When they examine the car, they find that there are no bullet holes anywhere in the body, all windows and doors are locked and the glasses are intact. How is that possible?


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  •  All riddles are solved. 

    Here are the answers

    1.  Nine clocks are the minimum. Look at this: 0X000X000

    2.  The sailor does not have to go up a step because the ship also rises with the tide.

    3. The woman simply put water in the lamp. Since petroleum is lighter than water, it floats on top. So the wick is in the kerosene and the lamp burns.

    4. Of course 15 people. 14 passengers and the bus driver.

    5. Of course not! If she's alive, she can't be buried yet.

    6. The woman was shot in her convertible.

    7. Since the room is fully mirrored, there is no light in the room. So the room is completely dark and you can't see anything.


  • My thank to all of you who took part in the discussion. 

    All of the riddles are solved now. 

    Great job! 

  • 7. The car might be a cabriolet?

    • You have an excellent mind, dear O. M.

      Yes, she sat in a cabriolet. 

      Your answer is correct. 


  • 3. Well, in Russia if people do not have any kerosene or vodka (as Rys says), people would use any oil (even sunflower oil). This can be easily found in any house. At least I would do that. Even if it smells bad in the house after.

    As a solution in two minutes, why not. Heh. 

    • Hello, O.M. 

      Unfortunately, your answer is not correct. 

      Would you like to try it again? 


    • a variant, when the oil was almost over....they would add some let the oil reach the wick. Might be with kerosene this also could work?

    • FINALLY!!!!  IT'S DONE!

      YES, O. M. That's the correct answer. The petroleum will swim on the surface of the water and reach the wick.


    • Girl. You made me think. //// 

    • For sure. The answers are usually so simple and evident...we tend to complicate them..hh

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