Solutions to Global Warming?

The world is hotter than usual...ūüėį

What is your real solution and contribution to solve and stop this global warming?

As for myself, I cannot reduce my electricity consumption.. I work with computer, with fullday air cooler ūüėĒ at home. I also use plastic bubble for packagings.

What I can do now is separating organic and anorganic waste. There are many creative people recycle unused things to be useful again today.

What about you?

Thanks for your time.

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    • Hello Selam, Nice to meet you!

      You're right about big industries. Industriy even keeps growing today. I hope some works for limitation will have some good outcomes.

      By the way, I should give you big applause for your efforts to plant trees as you can. I hope people who have opportunity to do that will do the same as you do.

      Thanks for joining the discussion. 

  • My contribution in climate protection/change is to install solar cells on the roof. Solar cells, as we know, changes light energy directly into electrical energy without producing CO2. This voltage plant enables me to reach an 80%+ autarky from public voltage providers. What¬īs more I also can deliver overproduction into the public voltage net.¬†

    I will not completely be independant from other resources, but I can do a lot to lower the coal or nuclear based electricity.


    • Hello Michael, Nice to meet you!

      Great! Actually it's my dream. I watch videos on Youtube about installing Solar Cells System on the roof recently. I should have it too in the future. 

      Thanks for joining the discussion.

  • The earth has gone through both cooling and heating cycles before. ¬†I'm not sure there is anything we can do to "stop" it.

     We can reduce pollution but don't expect to see that stop climate change.

     There are some tecnnologies that are designed to remove carbondioxide from the air - CO2 mining.  Perhaps that will have an impact on how rapidly the earth heats or cools in its cycle.

    We are probably at the stage where we should be looking at helping alleviate the problems caused rather than climate change itself.  Areas which now get less rainfall will need solutions on water - perhaps recycling waste water or importing water - perhaps moving large segments of ice from the oceans to arid land.  Seashore communities will need flood planning as the ocean level rises.  In the past people didn't have long lasting buildings so they probably moved inland when the seas rose and back to coastal areas as water levels receded.

    • Hello Tim, :)

      You're right that the earth has gone through both cooling and heating cycles. The greenhouse gasses especially carbondioxide trap the heat in the atmosphere of the earth. So that, it makes the Earth keep warm. However, the gas emission that contribute to the greenhouse gasses today increase rapidly for over decades. This is above normal. This increasing level of greenhouse gasses makes the average temperature of the earth also rise. This is called Global Warming. 

      You can refer to this to see the current and exact data.

      I know, some developed countries have some works to overcome, reduce and limit emission. However, the data and what we feel today prove it still increases.

      I still remember. It started 2011, people talked about global warming as the earth seemed hotter than usual. I felt it, too. And today,, hmm, you can feel it perfectly if you live near the equator. :)

      Your concern on water and people would also be a real solution to overcome this global warming effect. I wonder if large segments of ice can be moved  from the oceans to arid land. It must be with great technology.

      Thanks for joining the discussion.

      Global Surface Temperature | NASA Global Climate Change
      Vital Signs of the Planet: Global Climate Change and Global Warming. Current news and data streams about global warming and climate change from NASA.
    • I have followed the issue for over 30 years (1990s)

      The graph that is missing is the one that plots CO2 emissions and global temperature.  If you can find the actual data graph (I have been looking), you will see the lack of any correlation.  The rise in tempearure actually occurs during the period of decreased CO2 emissions.  In other words, as the industrial revoltion was at its peak, temperatures were not rising.  The temperature rise occurred as industrial emissions were falling.

      I understand the political narrative and as I said, I support the reduction in pollution but don't expeect it to change the on the ground reality.



      There are questions on the data (obviously there were no systematic scientific recordings of either temperature or emissions before the 1900s and in fact mid to late 1900s) but even accepting the data, once can see the up and down cycles.  

    • Hello Tim, so what do yout think about the reason why the world is hotter?¬†

    • I think science doesn't know the cause / effect. ¬†We know from history that earth warms up and then cools down and it has been as far back as we can piece together data. ¬†We also know that the CO2 levels can be high when the earth is hot and when it is cold. ¬†Science says the main contributor to the "heat" is water vapor but water vapor exists because of the heat. ¬†It is a cycle. ¬†Some scientists point to solar activity and the earth's movement. ¬†What we do know is the correlation with CO2 doesn't fit when you examine the rise / fall of CO2 with the rise/ fall of temperature. ¬†"It is quite clear from the data that CO2 follows temperature with highly variable time lags depending upon whether the climate is warming or cooling." ¬† ¬†¬†

      30 years ago the NOAA data showed the temperature starting to increase while CO2 was declining.  That was early 1900s.  So pollution was falling and temperatures were rising.  You have to ignore a lot of date to say CO2 causes the climate change and in particular to blame it on human activity versus other causes including natural.  

      I am all for reducing pollution and as anature lover support forestation over deforestation.  But I can't read the various scientific reports and studies and say X causes Y.  The data simple isn't there.  Is the climate changing?  Yes.  Can we stop it from changing?  History says no.  History says this is a cycle that has been happening for millions of years and we are in the warming cycle and have been for a few hundred years coming out of an mini ice age.


      The Vostok Ice Core and the 14,000 Year CO2 Time Lag
      A detailed analysis of temperature, CO2 and methane variations from the Vostok ice core is presented for the time interval 137,383 to 102,052 years a…
    • Hello onee chan,

      Thank you for the clarification about the natural and man made global warming facts. Ijust want to add some more facts.

      yet in the middle of the 20th century serious scientists warned about the greenhouse effect by fossile fuel. Reports about that were caught and locked in by hugh oil- and gas companies as they found their business concept threatened.

      in the 1990¬īs there was¬† a vice president in the USA (Al Gore) who also tried to point on the impact of environmentral pollution. In 2000 this Al Gorte applied for presidentship in the USA. Finally that year George W. Bush became the US-President albeit Al Gore received 500.000 more votes than Bush. George W. Bush¬īs propinquity to the fossile fuel industry seemingly helped to change some election rules in the US-american election rules and thus Bush became Prez. Good times for Gas fracking companies sterterd in the US.

      I recommend the movie "GasLand" by Josh Fox. (Ooops, sorry, I left the thread)

      Al Gore published a movie "An Inconvenient Truth" in 2007.

      Well, I think what the world needs is not only a change in economic as well as ecological systems. To me, the world needs new political as well as social basics. Otherwise the situation as shown in the movie "Equibrillium" will come true. But the latter is just my humble opinion.

      Please don¬īt get me wrong pointing on the happenings particularly in the USA. But I think as the self nominated world economical leader the events there may act as sample for what is running wrong.


    • There were no changes in the election rules in the 2000 Election. ¬†Current US election laws have been in place since the 1870s. ¬†

      As I noted above the correlation between emissions and temperature change over time don't exist.  At the time Gore published his book, there were data which showed the emissions and temperature change since 1850 to 2000.  Those graphs (from NOAA) showed the temperature did not rise with emissions from about 1850-1930 but started rising as emissions were declining after 1930. 

      I am all for reducing pollution of land, water and air but doubt the "correlation" with climate change. Active CO2 mining would perhaps help but we should probably be looking at activities to alleviate the damage that is going to happen.  Just look at the historic cycles of ice ages followed by warm cycles.  Those happened without any industrial action.  The Northern part of Africa once was a vibrant forest as was present day Antarctica.  We need to be working for practical solutions for coastal areas for rising water levels and for changing weather patterns that will rersult in more rain to some areas and less rain to others.

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