Sleepless Night

Hi, I had a bad sleep the other night, and I just couldn't sleep at all no matter what I did. As far as I know, I don't have any insomnia or whatsoever.

What about you, what do you do in order for you to be able to sleep? 

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    • do u know what are the reasons Almo

  • hi, Emma

    i'd like to say happy easter days.

    God bless you!

    your sincerely


    • Belated Happy Easter!!

      I will be away for a while. See yah when I get back. Cheers!!

      • sorry if it is belated to say happy easter day.

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    • There are many factors why we cannot sleep, stress, body hormones or just our lifestyles.\

      But determining what causes our sleepless problems will deter what is going on.

      And then finding solutions will help a lot- problem solved.\

      Good Night!!

  • hi, Emma

    nice to know you!

    to me,

    i just take your time by reading your favourite books, watch your favourite tv programmes, surf in a internet, or pray to God, when i am tired i surely get asleep.

    that's all, thank you.

    yours sincerely,


    • Hello Julianus,

      Nice to meet you too!

      That's sounds good. I hope you will have a great time every night. 

      God Bless,


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    • Hello Melody,

      Yes. There are lots of reason why a person couldn't sleep some nights or every night! And we tried as much as we can to overcome this.

      Finding out the root of the dilemma will lead to solution. :)

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    • Audrey Pan that's good, I like yoga too and meditation, fresh air is the best and healthy lifestyles :)


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    • Hello Saleh,

      Yeah everyone sometimes, will experience this dilemma. And we reach to the point that we need and answer even to ourselves.

      Whatever that would long as those steps will help you then it should be maintain, or if the situation would ask you for it.

      Have a lovely day!


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