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Sleeping more than eight hours a day is good for the health, or is it bad? Sleep is like death.  Our eyes are closed, our nervous system is inactive. Our muscles... even our consciousness is not available. It is comparable to death, or am I mistaken? 

What happens when we sleep? Is there any difference between sleep, naps, dozes, siestas, or snoozes? Can we stay without sleep for more than twenty-four hours?

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      • You are welcome dara. I am just sharing too little info that i know.

        Yes according to research too little or too much sleep is also not good. Enough sleep is about 6 to 9 hours. A recent research shows that sleep less than 6 hour could increase the risk of heart attack about 20%, and sleep more than 9 hours could increase heart attack about 34%. Of course there are also other factors that leads to heart attack but sleep is one of them.


        Sleep Duration and Myocardial Infarction
        Observational studies suggest associations between extremes of sleep duration and myocardial infarction (MI), but the causal contribution of sleep to…
        • Kamarul, saya tidak tahu harus berkata apa? You did not leave anything for me to say. The readers,      I am one of them, will benefit a lot from that journal, Science Direct. It means that researches are underway. I want to add something. It is better to sleep reasonable hours for your age. I knew from some respected members here, that children spend most of their hours sleeping.

          I really appreciate your precious time reading and sending to us that important information. Thanks for that important link.  On behave of my friends here, I thank you a lot and I hope that will be put to your good deeds. 

          • Hi Dara
            Thank you very much for your comment and i really appreciate it. By the way, i hope that what i share here just be treated as a new info and i don't intent to spark fear among everyone here. I do understand that sometime less sleep hours is inevitable for some people such as parents with a newborn baby or some worker in a certain work environment. So the situation is not the same for all people. Since there are several other factors to heart problem other than sleep per se, this info just tell us something (including me)  if we are a high risk person or not. A lot other factors that we can improve other than sleep such as healthy food, active lifestyle, etc....

            • Tidak semuanya Kamarul! Of course not, Your information is very important for us. People spend hours searching and making experiments to reach some sort of treatment or medication. We have to follow those important researches.

              You are doing your best regarding this matter. It helps us to sleep in certain hours during the day and at night. Last night, I tried to spend some hours waiting for my nephew to repair my car. It was two o'clock in the morning. Now, my cold came back. I had a relapse. It was lack of sleep. Thanks, Kama for your nice comment.

  • I wonder if we are completely relax and don't have nervousness when we sleep? Because, someone have dreams, even nightmares. I always dream when i sleep at night.

    Before i used to sleep only 2 hours per day for working. And then i suffered from insomnia a long time. Now I recognize that how good sleep is important for health.

    • Chao mung Thuy Tran! Lovely ladies are not supposed to stay awake for many hours. It is unhealthy. for them. Maybe, that was during your years in college. Your major was one of the difficult ones and it needed a lot of staying awake for several hours studying and reviewing things. Thanks, my lady for your nice and frank comment.

  • Hello Dara, More than 8 hours not bad. But every one wants to sleep atleast 8 hours a night, for body rest and mind relaxation. Sleep not like a death, because while sleeping we can get good and colour ful dreams. And some times if i'm take naps will get headache after wakeup. So i'm really enjoy with deep sleep:)))

    • Akohomoda Lotus, thanks for your nice comment. our bodies, minds, and souls, need it. Sleep is not like death, but aren't there many factors that look the same in both sleep and death? Okay Lotus, can we call it temporary death? Deep sleep is good to give the body and mind a wide range of relaxation, as you mentioned. Thanks, Lotus for your nice comment.

  • I sleep for six  hours a night. The case is different between persons to person. But the there is no difference in the idea of sleeping itself. Everyone should get enough hours to sleep otherwise he will be unhealthy.  

    • Tamam ya ustath Tawfeeq! I agree with that. Do you think six hours of sleep are enough for you? I sleep for eight to nine hours per day. When we have a party or something like that. I sleep less than that. Thanks, Tafeeq for your reasonable explanation. 

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