• 4 and 8

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    Hi there

    I like to reach the goals in numbers 6 and 7, of course with my hard work not taking pills.

  •  Hi :)

       I will take  6 and 9 

  • Oi, MARY

       My choice would be;

      pill nr 3

      pill nr 5

    • Uhm... to live more time... That's super tempting (I'd probably pick it too) but makes me also want to ask: if instead of only 10 years it would be the pill of eternal young life... would you pick to take it too? 


    • Welllllll.....think again, MARY, u remain young all the time and watch all your present AND FUTURE beloved ones aftet anoter... and it goes on, and on, and infinitum......................................................

    • Yup! I was thinkin' the same :D   Eternity would be a pain *And this always reminds me of the movie Death Becomes Her*

      But it's interesting that we won't mind some extra 10 years. And I wonder: Ok, and if we are at the end of these extra 10 years and someone offers again a +10 years pill? As silly human beings we are, who are afraid to die when we see the death close... we probably would take that pill again... and again... and again...??  It is there a point when we finally could say: 'Ok, no more pills, plz!! I wanna die!'  :D   I really don't know... I always have questions without answers :P


    • yes, there is such a point, MARY, u attend one too many funerals and go bitter to the marrow of ur everlasting young bone - and that will stop u from taking the next +10-year pill.

    • Yeah... I guess a good indigestion of taking/having 'too much' of anything is always a good way to measure when we have had enough :D


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