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hello ,,i have a prob in signing on ,,i never signe out ,,but it is done ,,i don't know why ,,each time i open any page , i find that its signed out ,,i hope to solve this prob ,,thank you

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  • When using the ipad and iphone it looks like EC might log you out automatically when you are checking mail or using another window. These devices have multiple windows so you can stop something, do something else and then come back.

    I might have 10 or more windows open at any time and 2 or 3 could be different blogs or pages in EC. If I come back to one and I'm still logged in, then all of them work.

    If I open an email and follow the link to approve a new friend many times EC doesn't know we and I have to log in again. This does not happen with a PC or Mac computer. It can be a computer I haven't used in days and I'm stll logged in. On the mobile devices I may get logged out 4 times in a day.  

    I wonder if it has to do with Google mail and Yahoo mail. The mobile devices have all of my email accounts and sometimes I check Yahoo mail. My EC account uses my google account and maybe there is some kind of tracking from Google. Very strange.

  • I think so too
    • hello g kise ho ap g


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