I used to teach English through reading short stories. For example, the student must read the story not only for pleasure, but also for learning the elements of Grammar, and writing a correct sentence and good paragraph. When you read the story concentrate on how the sentence is written and how its parts are structured. For instance, look at the sentence as a whole, and then look to its compnents like the subject, the verb, the object, the adjective and the adverb. You will see that each cmponent has a function in the sentence and its meaning. Then look at the paragraph in the story and see how it is written to create cohesion. After that try to imitate writing the sentence and then the paragraph. After ashort time you find that you know how to read and how to write. On another level, the student of English Literature will find that he can analyze the story according to the means and tools he has from criticism. Please put your comment.   

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  • i agree!  and maybe you could send us some stories and we can learn more... or discuss about the stories that you send... 

    • can u send me some stories i also read more stories and improve my english

    • Hi danielle,

      Thank you for your comment. What about the abridged froms of the novels or short stories like "War" by Jack London or Astory of an Hour by kate Chopin etc.,

    • that's great idea....

      i'm looking forward for the first story...

  • Qatari. I love ur cat logo.

    A good teacher will never give u stories with too many difficult words. You should read a LITTLE above ur level and encounter a few new words, but not too many. As u say, that makes u feel bored!
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