• What do you mean by short? They are always wide and tall enough to let any one in or out.

    • Mera matlab hain hight, Mihshaikh janab! They are always made less than the hight of the entrance. If you bend down or look from the top, you can see what is inside that toilet. 


    for emergency reasons.

    • Dageegan panoy main, Saba! Exactly! 

  • I see it as dependent on costs. Toilets are built at lower costs to the public.

    • Malay tamam ya Fares! They are usually built like that. Thanks for your comment. 

  • Dear Dara, I think that the door of the public toilets are short for emergency reasons.take care friend

    • Gracias senorita Laura! I definitely agree with you. Thank you and sorry for my late reply. 

  • i think when someone feel seedy, pass out, needs urgent help, it more easy to discover, but in my place i did not see the short seems people are not interested in what happens there.

    • Spasibo Winnie The Pooh! Well, we are different in our style of living. Some of us are easily fainted or have unexpected incidents. Inside those short locked public toilets, it is easy for us to discover their existence and rescue them as possible as it takes.  Lol! It is better you start to make short doors for your public loo. Thanks for your nice comment. 

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