• Thank you very much for directing me.
    I used the above link and left a comment there.
    I hope my problems to fix soon.

    Thanks again,
  • Maybe you can ask help to or directly to Sir Josef, as admin.

    EnglishClub's Page
    EnglishClub's Page on MyEnglishClub
  • Sorry.

    I don't have another device, but I can do this on other websites by my laptop.

    Thanks for helping me.
  • I mean...if you log in from a computer, try to use another computer or laptop or phone. 

    Bijan said:

    What does gadget "a useful device" mean here, please?
    Sending Messages To My Friends.
    Hello, I tried to send a message to one of my friends, so I clicked send , but it didn't work. Please, help me. Thanks in advance,
  • What does gadget "a useful device" mean here, please?
  • Have you tried to log in EC from another gadget?

    I'm sending you message. Please try to reply me. 

  • Hi Onee-chan,

    I did it a few seconds ago, but it doesn't work. I wanted to send a message for dear teacher Danny, but I couldn't.

    I have two problems on the website:
    1. I cannot add any member as my new friend on his/her home page.
    2. I cannot send any message to my current friends. Thus I go to their home page and I write my messages, and also click "send", but it doesn't work.

    I hope technical support to help me.

    Thank you for explanation,
  • Hi Bijan,

    You can try again. I have no problem with that. If you send to one friend, you can visit his/her home page, then send message. OR click inbox, then compose and select a friend. 

    Hope your problem will end. 

  • In addition, if it was because of my connection to the Internet, I couldn't post this reply too.
  • Dear Dara.

    1. My connection to the Internet is okay because I checked it.
    2. I restarted my computer too, but I have the problem yet.

    I guess there is a technical problem on my page.
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