Self confidence

If you don't even have confidence in yourself, how can you expect others to trust you? However, we do see some people show up as over-confident and you don't want to be like them. So what's definition of being self-confident? What are you confident about yourself? Is there a fine line between being confident and being over-confident? 

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  • I think it is the key of every thing. People can trust you but if you do not trust yourself you will not be able to be consistent in what your doing or dreaming and then you will be able to achieve it. By the way, If you have even when people will not believe in you, you will be able to achieve something simply because you believe on you.

    that was my modest answer to your question or thought.


  • Hi Miya,

    In my personal opinion it takes time to have confidence in yourself .You may make mistakes and realise how confident you would be without them. Some people who are over- confident sometimes take  risks or fail in their lives.So in the end you must be careful to everything you do.

    • no confidence, no dream achieved.

  • Good question. Self confident when we are concious about what we have inside, when we already know our darkness, it is good. Self confidence when we are totally blind about our mind set is over confidence - i guess this is the fine line you are asking about. I am proud that i started a long journey to know myself and it gave me some self confidence at all.

    • Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Avitorino. Your definition is enlightening.

  • There is a phenomenon that usually, women are not as confident as men. For a woman to do well in her professional career, being-confident is one of the important factors. 

  • Hello Miya,

    This is just my humble thought. 

    Being confident: "I can do it my way"

    Being over-confident: "No body can do it but me"

    A fine line: "I can do it"


    • Well said. Easy to follow!

    • I Love your definitions, Onee-chan... agreed!!

  • Based on the quote I read,

    Confidence is not about being okay and have the chin up when everyone in the room likes you but you're still okay and have your chin up when people in the room don't like you.

    I agree with that because when so many people like us, it's pretty easy to be confident but when people don't like us , that's the hardest time for being confident. 



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