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How to improve self-confidence to move forward

When we are going to do new work/job that time we are going to take pressure and little bit  tension It is not only in work in any new things doing at first time.

Especially it will happen in front of our superior

I feel it is only for me or everyone I don’t no. For this I have to improve my skills and confidence level

So, through this blog am trying to ask you give suggestion to improve confidence to do work as such as free .



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  •            Everyone seeks a little extra confidence in their lives from time to time. However, we often cling so tightly to habits, beliefs and even persons, who has negative attitude, that no longer serve us in a positive way and blurs our vision. That’s why we have to release negative habits, beliefs and friendship of negative people. Surrounding ourselves with positive people and thoughts effects positively on our confidence.   Add to that, our weariness to spiritual self-confidence.

               Spiritual self-confidence based on our believing in God and in ourselves. Knowing that God is walking the life path with us gives us supreme spiritual support that makes us more confident. Believing in ourselves, in its ability to get over every obstacle blocks our way, is mustn’t be less than believing in God.

                Finally, Thanks for sharing us your beautiful thought. God bless you.  

    • Yes, Exactly, being positive everyting will be undercontrol. Beliveing god is also have confidence to do, Thank you Sewar shareing your view here...

  • You have already got many good advices, iwould add just one one thing:

    - keep in mind, your superior is just human full of defects as all we are.. relax and be as you are without any pretending, if he accept you, thats great, if dont, dont be desperate, maybe you miss this chance for some better.. who knows what wait you in days infront of you.. just dont give up, give best of yourself and keep on searching for job.. 

    Good luck!

    • Yes I will do,  thank you. 

  • Hello Sekhar.  Straight away to the topic :)) First of all, try to look back on achievements that you've accomplished in your life. It'll help you to see yourself better. Don't ever try to compare yourself to everyone else. Keep it in mind, you're unique. Open up yourself to new things, ideas, knowledge, and never stop learning. It'll help you to expand your horizon and grow. Add positive people to your circle and learn from them. Don't forget to meditate and share kindness, do good deeds.  Practice self-acceptance, understand that we're human and we're imperfect. So, don't be way too hard on yourself when your seniors find your mistake. If you did a mistake, back again to rule: never stop learning, open up to new things, ideas, knowledge bla bla bla :)))) That's all. Wish you all the best in the work-world. It's not easy but worthy to live up.

    • I really liked reading your suggestions, Peony! Thx for sharing :)

    • you're welcome 🌹🌹

    • Yes everyone are unique,what you said that is correct.we have to learn knowledge day to day & adding positive people / positivity around us is good to grow ourselves. Thank you for the suggestions. -Peony

    • the best of luck 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • According to me "As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

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