Save the world Stop Illegal logging and

Forest is source of life besides water. forest provided the food and the oxygen and shelter for support human life. However, the pace of globalization era has change everything. human has make massive exploitation in nature including the forest. many reasons of people who make illegal logging and forest fire, such they want to build the house,establish residents, even to create farm land. these reason is same like "license" to them to make situation become worst. In Indonesia, the forest Kalimantan and Papua is stipulated by UN as the "lung and source of worldwide oxygen". However, currently the vast forest has been reduced. the farming company burn out the forest to their interest...i'm concerned about that..

We have big responsibility to keep the earth..!!

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  • Forest and water has a close relationship, they can not be separated likewise forest and air. We can imagine if deforestation have been continuing, the serious problems will come. Not only global warming matters but the water availability as well.

    So, in my point of view not only Indonesia has to take responbilities for these problem but all countries in the world.

    I agree with you 'Save the earth'. We are live on earth, there are no places to escape if the earth is damage.

  • In today's world, most of the people don't have the time to worry about issues like deforestation and pollution. We just do whatever we want without worrying about the cause and effect of our actions. 

    You have raised awareness by your post, Lucas. This world certainly needs more Lucas like you. 

  • You deeply symphatize mother earth. Indeed ,we have this so-called climate change and global warming .These happen all because of human activities ,like what you have mentioned Lukas
  • Anda orang baik Lukas Rumlus. Saya senang berkenalan dengan anda teman ku. Terima kasih untuk blog anda. Dari Indonesia banyak hutan hutan, karena haruz aman. You are a very good man. You are worried about environment, pollution and many other important issues. If we have people like you, the world won't suffer. Thanks!

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