Saint Valentine


Why do some people celebrate Valentine's Day? Why does it correspond to the fourteenth of February? Who is Saint Valentine and did he really sacrifice his life for love? We also heard that he was killed. Some stories said that he used to love and marry women himself secretly. Were love and marriage really forbidden at his time? Is there any religious cermony of that kind on this day? Is there any relation between him and that famous Russian priest, Rasputin ?

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  •        My friend, allow me to say: when two people love each other, they don’t need a special day for celebrating love, because, every single moment of their life represents a huge celebration of love. Therefore, I don’t celebrate Valentine day because I consider such celebrations a kind of humiliation to the real meaning of true love.

           Finally, our Arabic culture has many wonderful love stories which they are more romantic than Valentine’s. God bless you and your beloved family.   

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    • I don't know much about topic but I agree with Sewar 100℅

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  •                   Okay, I will read about it.

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  • According to what I read he was a bishop and continued to celebrate marriages, contrary to the orders of the emperor who prohibited marriages during wars so that men could fight freely in wars. When discovered by the emperor he was arrested and sentenced to death. Before serving his sentence, he received visits from a blind young woman, who miraculously regained her sight, and with whom he fell in love and declared his love before the beheading, 14 February. 

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