Respect begets Respect

Folks, I understand that most of you wants to learn the English language fast, and you need other members to help you with it, especially in speaking English. But please, if you want me to help you, don't video call me without asking my permission. Please respect my privacy. Thank you. 

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  • bakit ka maganda, Glosky? Who told you to be a beautiful teacher. Naturally, students and especially male ones are interested to watch or see their gorgeous teacher. Respect is very important. If anyone crosses his limits, stop him or her at once. 

  • Hello  Glosky, I agree with you: in fact when I need to speak in English language with someone of you, I always ask you if it's possible or not. Also here in Italy where I live, there's a privacy law that shows everyone what you writes in your previous message. Before today I didn't see the verb beget and with an helpful dictionary of English language I found it: beget exists as a verb. But please tell me only where you found it and if you want, we could also be friends.

    Thank you for your opening message of this forum and I hope you could have a nice Wednesday.

    • I can participate. please..


      • Hello Md Sanowar, surely you can participate. The topic is free for everyone of us and you are able to tell what you want but without going out with the main line of the subject that's discussed here.

        In fact, Glosky tells in the opening post that we can't ask anyone respect if we don't are able to respect other people. So she asks us if you need her help for English language, to tell her that we need to speak of English language and she will answer us. But first of all we have to respect her privacy and that's all..... Happy Christmas and happy 2020, see you soon in EnglishClub!!

    • Hello Rita. Thanks for dropping in. That is one of the popular quotes used by so many. Begets means bring about. When you respect a person it brings about respect too. It also goes like this, if you want to be respected, respect yourself first. Yep, you are most welcome to be my friend. Anyone  here can be my friend as long as they knew how to respect other people too. 

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