• I feel romantic :). I used to go out of home for stroll when it rains, 

  • How I feel you say?


    That's how I 'enjoy' the rain ¬¬

  • Wet and cold?

    Not a fan.

  • Rain after hot days is refreshing and exciting to me. But having rainy days for more than 3 days in raw is kinda tiring and depressing to me because of dark and cloudy sky. My home town is known as "Rain city" and I have experience of having long-term rainy days. Also, I lived in Malaysia where we had rainy days a lot, especially in the rain season. Although, I enjoyed rainy days in Malaysia than in my hometown. The reason was that there was always hot hours or days after rain in Malaysia. So, I believe that having rainy days in hot/warm seasons is enjoyable. 

  • Rainy season feels so good, I think it must be like Spring, verdant grass and leaves everywhere, flowers blooms, birds are singing and of course, the sound of frogs during the night rain :).

    Rain has always been a bless rather than a curse, but sometimes it may cause floods and landslides in some barren areas, the answer for these problems is reforestation, love the trees, love the jungles and love this mother nature.
  • I don't like the rainy season much. But still, if it rains in a small amount, then it is good, else it can bring disaster like floods. As you are familiar with the destruction it caused in Kerala. But we cannot ignore rain because it is needed for the crops, in the areas of drought.

  • There is shortage of water in Karachi, because there is almost no rain there.  Rain, is necessary, subject, there is only a blessing not a punishment.  Sometime I don't understand why some regions are under heavy and harmful rain while other lack the rain, and they need it.  

    Uss ki leela wohi janay (Only God knows).

  • Thank you permalink,mayumi, Kavita, Esther and Dara.I recorded rain sound from India and when i listen, feel like a music.
  • Vijay, main barish passand hain! I like the rain. I feel happy when it rains. 

  • Dear Vijay , How are you dear ? We have 4 months raining season in my country. I like smell when the first raining but I don't know it how to call in English ( sorry my weak English).I feel boring when raining . Actually i don't like raining season cause it is getting wet, muddy and dirty.

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