• Ehmmm.. Arrogant people, Two-faced people, Toxic people and ofc those who can't understand my jokes :p greetings Romchik :D

    • Wooooahhhh!! Luci is alive!!!!! D:  Hail the Badass Queen!! XD

      Let's get wild!


  • Hmm.. the ones who take days to answer i.e.  :D

    • It took me 2 days to reply your comment. Did I irritate you? DktCYCaXsAAgPDr.jpg:large

  • Heh, MARY, none of those skulls would irritate me.., Unless those death's heads start to argue about topics in which they know absolutely nothing. 

    Brook One GIF - Brook One Piece GIFs

    • Yeah... You better don't visit Twitter XD


  • my lists will be long too... but then again.. 

    i am waiting for others comment


    • Lazy Fizzy ¬¬


  • I am a straight out and direct person, thats why people which hide her true face, do irritate and make me angry a lot.
    A hidden face, not in the sense of how they look like but hide their true character behind a mask.

    • Oh yeah, i hate plastic people too...



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