All your armies, all your fighters,
All your tanks, and all your soldiers,
against a boy, holding a stone,
standing there all alone.
In his eyes, I see the sun.
In his smile, I see the moon.
And I wonder, I only wonder,
who is weak, and who is strong?
who is right, and who is wrong?
And I wish, I only wish, that the truth had a tongue.

-A child from Gaza
Mohammed Zeyara


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  • Shookran ya Muhammad! Nice poem.

  • Oi there, folks

       Mohammad, have you forgotten the mothers and their new born babies being gunned down in a maternity ward in Afghanistan? The shooters were not yankees or any other clots but their own countrymen....at least the Izraelis killed non-izraelites... how many muslim have heen killed by their own brethrens??? 

    • Exactly rysperski. About five months ago, thousands of people in Iran (my country) protested economic corruption. The Iranian regime killed dozens of protesters. Hundreds of protesters arrested. In Iran, Mullahs deceive some people with the issue of Israel. They chant  "death to America", and at the same time, they are doing everything they can to get the US Green Card!!! The regime has deceived some people and of course, some people get paid from the regime.


      • @babi What does the Palestinian issue have to do with our internal problems? The Palestinian issue is a global problem.

        What do our problems have to do with foreigners? Have a little zeal man! No one solves internal family problems on the alley!

        •  Your goal is clear. You want to publish the doctrine of the Islamic Republic. What does the Palestinian issue have to do with EC? Note that this website is not the national media of Iran. We are not here to hear the doctrine of the Islamic Republic. If you were zealous, you would protest against the Islamic Republic. Every day, the Iranian regime kills young people who do not even have stones in their hands. They even kill bloggers. Look at the cover of your page. Foreigners do not know what this photo means, but you and I know it.  Every day I log in to EC, I feel like I'm in a mosque. Respect the opinions of others. Respect other nationalities.

            1. Just look at your statements! Absolute Dictatorship! The Palestinian issue is not a religious or political issue. It's pure Human Rights!
            2. I'm an Engineer and as a zealous Iranian, I'm working hard for the future of my nation.
            3. And about the cover of my page, That's my own (private) page and I'm free to set my favorite one. And I don't insist that people should know what it means.
            4. What? You feel like you're in a mosque? This Statement is pure Hatred! Around 2 billion Muslims are living on this planet! It's none of our business if you don't like us!
            5. What do you mean by Respect!? I didn't disrespect anyone. This is just a poem about my feelings.
          • Respect! Thanks and hat off, Babai! You spoke from my soul. We shouldn't come up with this kind of discussions. EC is not the right place for it. Nobody should point with their fingers on others. Every one has to look after him self, and change themselves. We shouldn't allow that the seed of hate comes up here among us members. We are here to find out what we have in common not what separates us.
            My statement doesn't mean that I close my eyes and don't see what happens around the world. I have also my opinion but there other platforms where I can discuss about it.
            That's the reason why I don't comment the post itself

            • The seed of Hatred? Why Shouldn't I hate a Child Killer!? Why Shouldn't I express my feelings about these crimes!?

              This is Human Rights! This is my Right! Please Respect.

              • Hi, Mohammad A.

                I have not spoken of you or said that murderers should not be hated.
                I didn't talk about the picture either; it speaks for itself just as other pictures would speak for itself if we showed them.

                I just think that here on EC is not the right place to discuss such highly explosive topics. It is even one of the rules of MyEC by the way ... if you forget that ... no discussion about politics and religion.

                I also want to add something, and it's not because of you, but in general:
                We shouldn't put anyone under general suspicion ... means if someone speaks of these Jews, these Muslims, these Christians ... etc .; or if every person in a country is under general suspicion and charge. That was what I meant, could become the seed of hatred.
                I think if you had read my comment carefully you would have understood that.

                By the way, I am not a believer, but I have friends from different beliefs. No one of them would say I don't respect them and their belief.

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