Purity and Repect

Hello everyone today's discussion will be about Purity and respect what do we mean about this 2 words is't real to use it or just words can be ignored purity means when your clean discipline honest and hard working with true heart spirit think about if your pure and care and when your not pure when you act for some one and say i'm better and higher then you no life teaches us positives and negatives life might say it's a daily routine of this all happening but what if your wrong and never notice your makes mistakes solve your wrong doings and cheating with everyone make your life style beautiful no aggressive no twisted mind be kind and believe in yourself . Respect means all kind of meanings either your in work home public friends or families house this word is much then diamond to describe about mankind specially when you respect your parents is the most first duty when you take good care of them as they took good care of you but when you does bad things about them they will never forgive you if you never care and feel them happy about you and also when your working in a office respect your time respect the place you work respect the manager if he respects you but never forget the word respect is fortune you will never know when someone will respect you or disrespect you :)

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  • Hamain unkee aavyashakta hain! We need them in our daily life, Aiman. Nice topic, thanks for sharing.

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