• I have never been in protest. People who join to protests devastate property like shops, cars, etc. It's bad idea. Protesting should  be form of opposition to for example goverment. In a lot of country protests have became type of vandalism. It brings loses for people who are not guilty of cause of demonstration. And a lot of people don't now what is the reason of demonstration, they come there only for fun and posibility making vandalism.

  • Hi there!
    We have a lot of demonstrations/protests against and for all kind of things in Germany every day... Most of them are taking place completely orderly. Very few are getting violent, but of course, those incidents always hit the news! The sad thing is that those rioters ruin the effort of all the people who are (fighting) demonstrating peacefully for important changes.

    I stay away from public protests 'cause I have already a problem when people start to get louder in a regular conversation. Screaming and aggressive people are a total nightmare for me. - I find it more important to protest in daily life instead of going on the street once a year! - BUT, of course, I was born a country where at the present people can openly speak out their opinions... You might not get the career you deserve, or maybe you get thrown out of school for organizing initiatives, but you don't end up in jail or under house arrest for speaking up against injustice.

    But I do understand when people are fed up living under a regime that doesn't take their needs into account or worse... so maybe then I would also running riot, who knows??

  • No. never. One might think I am politically passive. But this is not a reason why I do not do this. Especially the ones that are shown in this picture. Any violence is violence. No matter what stands behind it. everything can be solved either pacifically...or will never be solved. Worst using violence. This is my point of view only. It can be interpreted by anyone as they wish. I do not care about what other people think of me.

    • Awwwwwwwwwww, what a pity! I would most certainly love to see a chica linda participating in a protest - bonitos ojos sparkling with anger and delicate, soft hand clenched into a fist in defiant determination to get her message home! What a marvelous sight, C A R A M B A!!!

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