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I want to ask native speakers for this topic. Do you bite tongue with pronunciation of L? I saw a video of the question at YouTube channel Rachel's English - (see from point of 6:53) Rachel shows her mouth pronouncing "Available" and she puts out her tonge at the moment to pronounce L! I thought that only "th" pronunciation was so. That is not so?

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    • Hi, golken! Thank you. What is the origin of your username? It is like a nickname of Japanese man.

  • Hello,

    You don't actually bite your tongue when you pronounce the letter "L". It should touch your hard palate near to your upper front teeth.

    • Hi, Andy! Thank you for your reply. I understand what you say and I can do it actually. Did you see Rachel's video? She expressly shows tip of her tongue coming out from her lips on YouTube which million people watch. How do you explain this fact? Is this American common English?

  • Hi, Thank you everybody! Actually, "L" is not so hard for me to pronounce, but, biting tongue is very surprising to me. I'm wondering whether it's common for native speakers.

  • thanks for sharing your question, just realised there are light L and dark L in the pronuication of L. I gonna practise it everyday, the pronuication of dark L is really hard to me

  • Maybe this link can help you.

  • I'm not native but I know that when I pronounce L my tongue touches the upper teeth and It seems I'm biting it.

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