Pronunciation of L

I want to ask native speakers for this topic. Do you bite tongue with pronunciation of L? I saw a video of the question at YouTube channel Rachel's English - (see from point of 6:53) Rachel shows her mouth pronouncing "Available" and she puts out her tonge at the moment to pronounce L! I thought that only "th" pronunciation was so. That is not so?

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  • Hi, Thank you everybody! Actually, "L" is not so hard for me to pronounce, but, biting tongue is very surprising to me. I'm wondering whether it's common for native speakers.

  • thanks for sharing your question, just realised there are light L and dark L in the pronuication of L. I gonna practise it everyday, the pronuication of dark L is really hard to me

  • Maybe this link can help you.

  • I'm not native but I know that when I pronounce L my tongue touches the upper teeth and It seems I'm biting it.

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