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  • If I understand you correctly, you have isolated the problem to your computer. I did receive the message you posted on my wall with a different PC. But I'm afraid you have a misplaced faith in my computer prowess, especially as I don't use Windows. Maybe some other members with technical computer skills can offer guidance. All I can comment on or try to rectify is faults on the website itself.

  • thanks for your comment,

    -exactly, commenting on blogs and pages of all members,

    - the system doesn't send me an error message (s)  " it is just freezing ",

    - I use W10 and Chrome or Firefox (both of them randomly)

    I am able to write on your comment wall with another pc and the same OS and Browser, ıf you have any quick answer could you pls share it ? I believe you have deep knowledge Mr Josef about computer or software, I trust at your foresight more than any regular expert

    or I can bring my PC to an expert, I would not take your time,

    Thank you again,

  • We are sorry to hear about the problem you are having.

    First of all, please check with another computer and/or browser.

    If you still have a problem after that, please provide as much information as you can.

    Please tell us:
    - the exact page/login where the problem occurred
    - any error message(s) that you received
    - your operating system (Windows, Mac etc)
    - your browser (Chrome, Firefox etc)

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