problem for chatroom, (main room)


I use anti filter (vpn) but main room does not work ,it is white .i cant see any thing in it.i can chat in privet window with some people. and some of my friend cant see me when im online and they cant send me massege and they cant recive my massege .what do i do?nobody knows?

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  • Ghazal change your Anti filter to (HOTSPOT shield )

    This works for me dear :) 

    • i use another computer withouth anti filter ,main rooms worked good.but in my laptops with anti filter it does not work .i change anti filter again again but.... . i change windows but it does not work .what do i do?


  • hi ghazal....
    i have this problem so...
    i think we should use some proxy....
  • Hi Ghazal,

    unfortunately we are in same situation like you, use some other programme like Freegate, it will solve your problem.

    • thank u ,i uce free gate and hot shield and kerio .... . but it does not work.what do u use ?

      • what's your Freegate version? i have latest : 7:40

        do you know how to set browser proxy settings? using Freegate in Firefox need some settings in proxy menu. you can use Google Chrome without any settings, too.

        • i think it is 7:40.i used  psiphon but main room does not work .i use explorer . how do i set browser proxy setting on firefox ??thank you .

          • Tools->Options->Advanced->Network->Settings

            set HTTPproxy to : localhost and port to: 8580 (for FreeGate)

            • I cheack them ,i went to yellow  firerfox top of page >optins>advanced>network>setting>manual proxcy >http proxy >... .

              BUT main room does not work again ,if i make profile again ,can it help me?!can it work correct?!

  • Hello, Ghazal! 

    I could only feel sorry for you! This is because your access to EC chat room is barred by your country, Iran! All our Iranian members face the same problem. There’s nothing the EC admin could do about it. It's beyond their control.    

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