Principles of Chatting

It’s a long time I’ve been here and I’ve experienced so many conversations with different people from different cultures. There are some principles that I think should be discussed in order to make it clear “How Do We Have a Respectful Conversation With a Stranger?!”.

Using some words like “Darling”, “Barbie girl”, “Sweetheart” and etc. is harsh when you’re chatting with a person for the first time. Of course there are some other words that I can’t express here. People should be close enough to use such words.

Asking some question like “How old are you?”, “Are you married?”, “Why haven’t you got married yet?”, “How much is your salary?” needs getting permission. Respecting other’s privacy is very important. Be careful about it.

I just mentioned these two points. Please share your ideas. Let’s make a clear principle of chatting.

When someone crosses the lines I usually stop chatting and I think it’s the only way to respect myself and the person at the same time. What do you do in such conditions?

The photo is a screenshot of a conversation that have been stopped by me and that’s how the person is continuing it. I don’t want anybody to know the person but I hope the person reads this discussion and your precious comments to know where he got it wrong in the way.

Thank you all.


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  • Hey Soheila,

    After reading most of the comments, i just wanted to say that if you feel uncomfortable with anyone you should stop him immediately if he still acts the same then you can block that person.

    • Thanks for your comment my friend 🙏

  • Hello, Soheila! 

    Great, great discussion! In my opinion, it's a matter of culture what is or isn't consider etiquette and good manners. In Brazil, for instance, is ok asking people about age or marital status(in general). I myself don't feel offended in case someone asks me things like that. On the other hand, in my opinion is quite rude to ask people about their financial lives(and I think that most people from cultures throughout the world agree with that). Some questions are quite personal business indeed. Regarding that screenshot you shared, trust me: some people are completely clueless and they just don't deserve our attention.  
    Anyway, there are good and bad people everywhere and on the Internet, it wouldn't be different. Just keep up looking for the good ones and in case you want to improve your English, it'd be a pleasure to have a good chat with you, anytime if you want it. Best regards, 


    • Thank you so much my dear, it would be my pleasure to have such a friend here. I think the most important point here was to know it doesn't matter people don't know about boundaries. But they should know about acting respectfully. 

      Thanks for your comment dear. 

  •  I just read the short chat above and I can't stop smiling. No No, it didn't mean I approve of his behavior. It was just witty at the same time outrageous. Wherever we are, we have invisible rules called "Manners". No matter where we are from, we do agree that be nice is a standard. But not all people come to this site with good intentions, so let it go. Somehow people get close with those who radiate the same frequency. They get along faster and no such drama occurs. It's just come naturally. And for people we don't exactly simpatico, say nothing is the best.    - Peony

    • Dear Poney... This is exactly what I wanted to show. it's not like I'm obsessed with this person. I don't care about what he says. It was just a picture of their disrespectful behavior. 

      Thanks for your comment 🙏

  •  that's nice information you shared. It would be helpful for some people and I think if someone is crossing the line you need to give a warning immediately. Definiately, you need to take care while talking with stranger, but it all depends upon that individual only. Eveyone will have different perspective, behaviour etc based on the culture or the atmospher around him/her or the things which is influencing.

    • You're right my friend, I think this is not a good to stay silent for all people, some needs more strong reactions.

      Thank you so much for your comment 🙏

  •  not everyone comes here for learning english.. some ppl comes to kill boredom,to have fun,some of them play many different roles wishing to see different reactions of ppl and so on..

    Problem is if you accept to trust everyone who enter your room and if you take their questions very serious..  ;)



    • Dear friend, It's not like I take every question serious, There have been many people I've chatted since now and ofcourse I haven't trusted them all as I know we have same experience in this case. I just tried to made people think about it.

      Thanks for your comment 🙏

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