hi this is an article which i wrote :) Please review and give your opinion.I want to be sure about the usage of the words in this article. thanks :)

Is Pulchritude enough ?

"Beauty lies in the the eyes of the beholder " A statement very often used when some one fails to acknowledge the beauty as they expected . Well in my opinion it is in fact true that beauty indeed lies in the eyes of the beholder.Is Britney Spears beautiful ? Many would believe she is but some may not.When we talk about beauty, is it only about what strikes our eyes or do we really bother about the inner beauty.The word beauty I feel comprises of a mix both inner and outer beauty. It is quite surprising yet true that many women who have outer beauty do not necessarily have inner beauty. Just mere pulchritude doesn't solely attribute to beauty.

Many such incidents have taken place where good looking women tend to actually have the bad character and are not in accord with the virtues.This clearly reinstates the fact that beauty cannot be judged only by the outer appearance but rather also requires the persons inner beauty to be considered as well.

I would like to conclude with a question ; Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder ,but are we really exercising this judgment wisely ?

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    • hi sara,

      yes i agree ,that sounds much better .

      I found out mix can be used as a noun too .


      Two or more different qualities, things, or people placed, combined, or considered together.

      Thus I feel we can use both .

      thanks for your input.



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    • Thanks sara  for  your corrections. 

      -> may sounds better :) 

      -> is "do we really" not required  ?  well could you please suggest an alternative or rephrase that sentence for me.

      ->mix/mixture  of internal and external beauty  ->  (difference between mix/mixture ? )

      -> yet true ( do we really need a question mark  ? )

      Thanks again.



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