Pet Names

What are the common pet names in your country? What are the weirdest pet names, you have ever heard? What are/were the names of your own pets?

In Ukraine the common pet names are:

For cats:

Female: Mas'ka, Mus'ka, Marusya, Siromanka, Frosya, Pryncesa, Snizhynka.

Male: Barsyk, Murchyk, Murzyk, Kuzya, Ryzhyk, Chaki, Benya.

For dogs:

Female: Asya, Aza, Bul'ka, Zhul'la, Zhuchka, Dzhul'ka, Nika, Mika, Nayda.

Male: Dzhani, Chappi, Baron, Barsyk, Reks(or Rex), Sirko, Sharyk, Tyson, Sam.

We have/had the pets with such names:

Cats: Chaki, Kuzya, Butlyk, Marus'ka, Fros'ka, Mus'ka, Mas'ka, Siromanka, Pryncesa, Batmanka, Dynya, Kotostrofa, Panterka, Tigra, Ruzhyk, Jonik, Kaban'chyk, Filya.

Dogs: Dzhani, Timka, Chappi, Smaila, Mul'tyk.

Also, we used to give the names for other animals.

Goats: Yul'ka, Cyganka, Nichka, Zirka, Malyavka, Vydra, Rogatka, Kombinashka, Bilka, Rogatyk, Rogastyk.

Some people give the names to cows:

Krasa, Asya, Berizka, Browka, Varvara, Gracia, Zosya, Polya, Fayna.

But of course there are MUCH more different names for each animal. I can't even  recall all of them.

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  • "Cujo" sounds familiar for me, but I can't recall what it is.

    Do you like the big scary dogs?

    I've also heard such names here: Toby, Tom, Rocky

    Thank you, Mary! :)

    • Cujo is the name of a lovely dog who likes to play with people locked in cars.


    • Ohhhhhh, I haven't seen the end of that movie. How did it end?

  • I'm a cat person but, if I had a dog, I'd call it Cancerbero (Cerberus) or Cujo :P

    I don't know 'common' names for cats in my country, but for dogs I've heard many times names like Toby, Sultán, Tom, Luna, Laika or Rocky.

  • Hi, Olga!

    Good to know that you have so many different pets!

    And about that name "Choquehuanka", it is even difficult to pronounce :)

    But I meant the names that are weird even in your native language.

    For example one name of our cats was "Butlyk" it means a flattering form of Ukrainian word "Bottle" Image result for Бутель 3л

    Thank you for sharing the names of pets! :)

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