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Do you prefer Pepsi or Coca-cola?  

I have been drinking Pepsi Cola and Coca-cola for many years. Both drinks are brown, fizzy and sweet. They have bubbles. I do not know whether they are produced by one company or different companies? My brother in law works with a Pepsi factory and he told me that most of the employees do not know about the secret mix of that drink. Does it affect the health? 

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  • Hi Dara,

    Most people in Indonesia knows Coca-Cola instead of pepsi, but like KFC, they brings Pepsi in their meal Package. I prefer to Pepsi, for me its not that sweet as Coca Cola

  • Dara to be very frank; NEITHER OF THEM.

    I was abstained from drinking soda (every brand) by my doctor when I got intestinal infection long time ago.

    Now whenever I drink any one of these it gives me ACIDITY.

  • I hate to tell that I want a healthy diet,but these 2 sodas are everywhere and we also selling both of them.. i like them both. Its hard to resist drinking sodas.
  • Arigato Tam! Do you know that I drink any kind of them almost every day? I am writing to you and I am drinking a can of Pepsi. Usually, after dinner, I prefer to drink one. it could be a Coca-cola. It does not matter to me. I like the sparkling drinks. Thanks, Tam, I hope you do not tell the other members about this, they might think that it would not suit the health. Thanks for your efforts reading and commenting. 

  • Shookrun Said Almograbe! You have the same taste of the respected lady, Svetlana. She told me the same. Me too, I like original drinks. Thanks, Said for your comment on Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

  • They are different companies. I love Coca-cola Zero. It is non-sugar and non-calory. I drink it almost every day. I don't know whether cola effect on human health, but I think it is more healthy than regular Coca-cola. I can't drink regular Coca-cola because it is too sweet.

  • Ya takchj Svetlana! I do not like them. I like juice without any artificial flavour. My daughter Aisha like it a lot. I mean the Coca-Cola. She likes to drink it while having a double sandwich. Thanks, Lana for your comment. 

    • You are welcome, Dara! )))

      • Bud laska Svetlana! Thanks, my beautiful lady. I really appreciate your quick and smart answers too.

  • Merci Saybou! The taste of Coca-cola is sweeter than Pepsi Cola. I like it too. By the way, where have you been? Thanks for your opinion. 

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