The debate about Pepsi is not new or old. What is the most distinguished about that drink? We have been using this drink for centuries. Does it really help to digest our food? Despite the most recent drinks, Pepsi is still number one with its unique taste, or at least, the best.

We have known many drinks, such as, (Mirinda, Seven Up, Sprite, Vimtu, Coca Cola, etc), but none of them has that citrus flavor of Pepsi. Some practitioners say it leads to kidney problems. Others say, put an egg in a bottle of Pepsi and see the changes in its color the next day. Nevertheless, we can notice the demand for Pepsi is still targeting the market every day.   

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  • Why exactly at this time mr. Dara ?? after i decided to go on diet and stop soft drinks ??

    in fact all these drinks are full with sugar and this is the point, most recent health diseases are due to high rates of sugar in our food with low or no ractice at all.

    after stopping soft drinks (used to consume an average of 01 liter per day of coca cola) and reducing car driving i flost some weight and feel more dynamic !! hope that ppl take it seriously regarding their health.

    anyway i miss the taste of coca cola and i sometimes just taste it secretly hhhh

    • Shookran bizzaf ya Houssine!  Ana ma ka naarafsh, wa lakin I really do not know about it. I just drink  Pepsi and at the same time, I do not want to let the members of the club have the idea of my ignorance about that drink. I heard about its side effects and about the dangerous results, despite that, I continue to drink it almost daily. Starting to know some unhealthy talk from you and the other respected members, I will try to lessen or reduce drinking Pepsi and Coca Cola or at least stop them forever.

      I was given the example of that egg which was put in a glass of Pepsi for twenty-four hours. The next day, the white egg became black. My nephew is a mechanic. He cleans the two wires of my car battery by a can of Pepsi. Mechanic Mubarak told me that it had a good reaction with the carbon that cumulated at the end of each wire of the battery. I noticed that they were immediately cleaned and the current went through the wires and my Chinese engine car started to run again. Thanks, Houssine for your nice comment on Pepsi.

  • Pepsi.... So, I like the taste so much and it makes you feel energized immediately.. Tho it's really bad for our health, as it cause bone damage in the long-run... I have stopped drinking it the way I used to, for almost a year now.. I cheat sometimes, but for the most part it's only for special occasions 

    • Shookrun jazeelan ya Nouf!  I like Pepsi and at this moment I have one can of Pepsi but I want to exchange it with another can of Dew. or Seven Up. Pepsi gives you that feeling of intoxication. By the way, don't cheat, Nouf. I hope they invent another drink like Pepsi and do not hurt our bodies. Thanks, Nouf for your comment on Pepsi.

  • dear dara

    pepsi is one of a many soft drinkes that appear in last decade i think by  famous pharmacist to help the degesion , with time it is become used as a daily drink . i see from my point of view that the main problem of the pepsi may be in 2 formed substance ;  sugar and caffiene . pepsi almost contain alot of sugar which can lead to rush of glouose to your blood steam and body respond to that by increasing the amount of insuline in the bloodand that lead to metabolic changes in all over  the body wich affect our body as a long term effect. also, caffien lead to chang in 2 important area in body ; brain & heart . personally i prefear to take one cane or cup of pepsi as a maximum dosage throught the day .some times becomae a bottle /day hahahahahah , but rare .

    • Haiyil haiyil ya Mostafa! It seems that you are a pharmacist yourself or rather you have something to do with medicine or nursing.  As a matter of fact, your briefing says so. I am glad to have an intellectual friend like you. By the way, I drink Pepsi before eating anything. Of course, I am not aware of digestion and that sort of thing. To tell the truth, I was happy to read your comment. Keep that coming up and thanks for it.  

  • Hi, Dara!

    I rarely patronage carbonated drinks. I knew many people who suffered different illnesses due to complications of diabetes because of consuming sodas. Those branded fizzy drinks are popular because celebrities keep endorsing them for money. I prefer making my own herbal tea and usually I pick edible leaves from my garden. At least I know they are organic, clean and sugar-free...

    Have a nice time choosing healthy food!

    • Maraming salamat mod. Robbie! I really appreciated that comment. Simply and without any spasm or tension, you have stated for us about those drinks. It is true that famous people make such advertisements for the sake of money. They are ignoring the consequences of their deeds. I am glad to know that you have your own garden. Consequently, I like black tea with milk. Thanks for your nice advice about the discussion, Pepsi.

  • Natural fruit juice is healthier.

    I too stopped drinking these beverages as its addictive and harmful

    • Neer nalavar mod. Nadira. How are you, my respected lady. I am a bit busy with that project. It takes all of my time or rather most of it, Of course, natural fruit juice is better than Pepsi. I wonder why did that pharmacist invent that drink? Was it for money or for fame? Once more, thanks mod. Nadira for your comment on Pepsi.

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