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Paper towels or water in toilets


People around the world use paper towels for cleaning in the bathrooms after defecating instead of water. This is making a lot of arguments. Can those tissues clean and remove all the litter and dirt compared to water? I can imagine how they can remove a chocolate paste or a chocolate sauce from our skin.

Naturally, water is a better cleaner than those papers. Are there any studies, researches, or scientific means to prove that? In our country, some people use paper towels, especially in public toilets.

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  • The topic is a bit funny, the way you compared it with remove a chocolate paste or a chocolate sauce from our skin ha ha . The majority of people here use paper towels after doing the thing, since we have trouble in access to water what a pity for our country. But i think using water would be greater, and good for our health. Thanks for your topic friend


    • Tonga soa Rabarivlo! Dear Raba, I wanted to refer to the difficulty of removing that kind of material from our body without the interference of water. To some people, it looks funny. You noticed all the sarcastic and funny pictures of guys or animals washing their backs. Thanks, Raba for your nice comment on the topic. 

  • Hi, Dara. I think water is better, but how do they wash their assholes by water? With their own fingers? It is not sanitary, is it? Japanese toilets have a device washing it.

    • Arigato Tam! We use water and our left hand to wash that area. After finishing, we clean our hands with soap. That device is also available here. I have one in my house, as a matter of fact, I have two bathrooms and both of them have that device. Cleaning our hands with some soap will keep our hands and fingers sanitary. Thanks, Tam for your comment on that topic. 

    • Lol, Tam, You are nice guy !..look man , they do not use their own fingers nor their hands , They yell the meatman or greengrocer of their streets  to wash their azzholes, hahahaaaa  !

      • Grazie Adriano Martelli! Thanks for your funny comment. 

      • Andirano, your comment makes me laugh.

        • Mumnoon ya ustath Tawfeeq! I am glad you are happy, Mr. Tageeq. Extend my regards to the family and the whole country, I hope it comes to a peaceful end. 

      • You are an evil boy, Adriano...LOL!!!!

        • Warum maine dame? Lol! Rose, why did you use that description on our friend? Thanks for your comment.

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