Optimistic or Realistic?

I took my phone and turned off the alarm this morning. 6 am.  Reluctantly, I opened messages I got last night. Popped out of the screen: “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better - Dalai Lama”.  I rolled my eyes and pursed my lip into a thin line, well, it was from my chatty workmate. She's my best companion in spite of her ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey drives me crazy. Optimistic became the first word I think about this morning. How far can we be an optimistic person? Should we add some drops of realistic sense and be more practical?

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        • Perfect! u know exactly what I need lol 

  • Hello Peony,

    According to me, people should be optimistic. Even when sometimes it has a consequency. Being realistic is my second thought.

    However, being realistic can be a part of being optimistic. We can do what can be done, while we can dream something else beyond the logic.

    When it's done, people may see it's not something special, but we may see it as a miracle in our life. It's your choice. :)

    Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for your short and clear feedback. Being optimistic is a bottom line. It plays important role so we dare to dream big over the limit. Also, be the reason why we keep going on. I was thinking about what happened to those who overly optimistic. But as you said, there's inevitable consequence they might deal with. Good news, realistic can be part of being optimistic. So putting a moderate amount of realistic may help. It helps to navigate and turn the power of optimism into measurable goal.  Have a pleasant Sunday afternoon and stay optimistic :)))

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