Optimistic or Realistic?

I took my phone and turned off the alarm this morning. 6 am.  Reluctantly, I opened messages I got last night. Popped out of the screen: “Choose to be optimistic, it feels better - Dalai Lama”.  I rolled my eyes and pursed my lip into a thin line, well, it was from my chatty workmate. She's my best companion in spite of her ability to talk the hind legs off a donkey drives me crazy. Optimistic became the first word I think about this morning. How far can we be an optimistic person? Should we add some drops of realistic sense and be more practical?

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  • I'm an optimist realist - expect the best but prepared for the worst.


    • We are on the same page. Have a blessed day ahead :)))

  •           Actually, I see no conflict between optimism and reality. The normal person is; who can be realistic and filled with optimism, at the same time. They are golden keys to live life fully with happy hearts and smiley lips. God bless you.  

    • I couldn't say it any better :)) Thanks, friend.

  • Hi, Peony.

    Optimism and realism do not mutually exclude each other.
    Being realistic doesn't mean that you are not an optimist and vice versa, but, a pessimist, as I understand it, is not a realist.

    Enjoy life and see it optimistically and realistically!


    • Good day Rose! I do believe everyone has certain amount of both optimism and realism to get the ball keeps rolling wonderfully in life. You too, let's see this life optimistically and realistically! Wish you a colorful and fantabulous life journey :)))

  • Hi Peony!

     Have a nice day for everyone!

    My wisdom in life is "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst." This sounds more like realism, but I'm not sure.

    • Hello Augustina, glad to see you, and thanks for sharing your wonderful wisdom. Yes, it's called realism. An attitude to accept any kind of situation patiently and act accordingly to deal with. In the eyes of mine, everyone has certain amount of optimism or realism as intrinsic values. This characteristic is shaped by experience since early childhood. That's why everyone unique. Let's enjoy the ride :)))

    • 👍

  • Hey Peony,

    I am not good in english that is why i can't give you more details but i can say in simple words that you can't be Optimistic all the time or you can't be realistic all the time it depends on the situation. How to react.

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