One Who Hopes

Language lovers, just like music lovers, enjoy the variety. For the latter, there's Mozart, the Rolling Stones, and Beyonce. For the former, there's English, French, Swahili, Urdu  ..... the list is endless. But what about those poor overworked students who find learning difficult, confusing languages a drudge? If there was one simple, easy to learn tongue it would cut their study time.

Do you know that there's such a tongue called Esperanto and appeared 120 years ago? Thanks to L. L. Zamenhof(Doctor Esperanto) who thought that having only one language in the universe people will be peaceful and have more understanding. It's not related to any ethnic language and it is an easy language to learn. Before somebody starts learning a second language can learn Esperanto which will help him or her to learn his/ her favourite second language.

Needless to say, the language has its critics. Esperanto has an artificial feel without the flow of a natural tongue and it is impossible to become emotionally involved with the language.

Finally, Esperanto could help people give money to those who need it instead of hiring all those translators and interpreters

in meetings and conferences.


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