One of issues of our era: Smoking

Today,smoking is a widespread habit that numerous people in the world are addicted to. Therefore, it can commonly be seen in most community venues. Smoke-related diseases and unwilled second-hand tobacco smoke are unavoidably derive from mostly lighting up in public places. Hence, its a debatable concern.

What do you think is it justifiable to smoke in public places?

Have any laws already taken into action against public smoking in your country?

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  • I'm really sorry to your relations(( Dear, Ana Abreu . All you have been written real-life experiences and indeed, it is pitiful when people get to smoke by knowing how terrible outcomes it may bring about!
    I wish your son will makes a right decision soon and will give up his wrong habit!
    Thank you very much for sharing your point of view as well as for examples you have mentioned!
    Take care!

  • This is my first blog post. I'm grateful to you attention and encouragement!

  • Nicely Done...

This reply was deleted.