Old Wives' Tale

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Old wives tale

What is the meaning of "old wives' tale"? According to a simple definition it means a belief, usually superstitious or erroneous, passed on by word of mouth as a piece of traditional wisdom.

In nearly every Society, people have their own "old wives' tales" which had been passed down from generations. It doesn't matter if you believed these "old wives' tales" or not, but to read or listen about them are fun. 

Okay, here I want to share with you one of the most common "old wives tales" in my Society. It has to do with bad luck. It was said that in order to get rid of one's bad lucks, one needs to take a bath with water mixed with 7 different flowers. The flowers must be sweet smelling flowers.

So share with me your Society most common "old wives' tale". This is just for fun. LOL

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    • Hehehe Fumi .. it's funny trying to imagine someone with a bubble from bath and some shampoo in her/his body and hair hopping in a bathroom. I think the God of Thunder also will get the shock of his life. That's why that person will not be hit by the thunder. :-) I can see the logic in that "old wives' tale". LOL.

      • I just remembered that during thunderstorms, we are supposed to put some clothes over any mirrors. This is to avoid the mirrors to "capture" the lightnings. I don't know how true it was, but I remember during my childhood, I will make sure all the mirrors in the house were shrouded with clothes. But, nowadays, I never do that.

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    • LOL... as Shakira said "Hips don't lie". Are you sure you're not quoting Shakira, Ken

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        • But Ken ,... it was you who mentioned it first  :D

  • Do you wanna know what my eyes look like ??
    hahha check it out!! 


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      • It's not the answer hahahahah :D

        • What do you mean, not the answer? ;-P


          • your son?? oh my God...
            like mother like a son :p

            • Hahahahahaha

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