Old Wives' Tale

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Old wives tale

What is the meaning of "old wives' tale"? According to a simple definition it means a belief, usually superstitious or erroneous, passed on by word of mouth as a piece of traditional wisdom.

In nearly every Society, people have their own "old wives' tales" which had been passed down from generations. It doesn't matter if you believed these "old wives' tales" or not, but to read or listen about them are fun. 

Okay, here I want to share with you one of the most common "old wives tales" in my Society. It has to do with bad luck. It was said that in order to get rid of one's bad lucks, one needs to take a bath with water mixed with 7 different flowers. The flowers must be sweet smelling flowers.

So share with me your Society most common "old wives' tale". This is just for fun. LOL

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  • LOL Barbare  .. I can't wait to read your "doozy" stories. Hahahaha

  • In order to negate the impression or belief that "bad luck" exists, we should think of it as nothing but an essential part for us to have a balanced, well-rounded life.  

    When untowardness happens, it is purposely done to make things better.  

    I personally don't believe in old wive's tales.  They are nothing but hindrances and burdens.   A lame excuse to curt our utmost freedom. They don't belong to the new era.  Most of them are associated with the events that transpired during the Dark Ages.  

    • Yes Anele  .. those old wives' tales transpired during the older generations. I think most of those things transpired because the older generations' thinking at that time was more like, "Don't ask too many questions" or something like "I have given you the verdict, take it or leave it" kinds of things.

      Though, in our modern times, these tales really sounds outrageous and maybe flat out lies, but I think that's how the older generations toed their children and societies. 

      But, surprisingly, sometimes this old wives' tales shown up once in a while, when we least expected it. LOL.

      Thank you for your views.

  • Every soceity has own mysterious stroies like the one mentioned above . To me it is good thing to read or hear stories from around the world because these stories reflects every soceity'background  and the way they live in a place in a given era or period .

    • Hi SaLeM .. yes, every societies has their own "old wives' tales". These tales may sound outrageous or even ridiculous to us now, but as you said, they reflect the societies' backgrounds. I love reading and hearing my own society "old wives' tales" because I can see some reasoning in their views.

      So what's your Society's own "old wives' tales"? Please share some with us here. 

  • Hmmm My Grandest of Grander Grandmother WMW ..  I'm wide awake enough to get your point, but do you get mine? :-P I dare you if you claim otherwise @_@


  • I know about the celebration. Our mutual friend did ask me about it. But, alas, nowadays, my sleeping pattern is a bit odd, I think. I'm not saying I'm odd, whatsoever, just that the sleeping pattern will change a bit during this month.

    About the storm that struck EC, yeah. I like it too. I think if another storm or even tsunami strike EC once again, I won't be a headless chicken anymore because I think I can deal with it with more dignity. Here to another storm(s). ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Cheers!!!!!!!!!

  • My Grandest of Grander Grandmother WMW, I just woke up, and the first thing I saw was your "recommendation" to change the title of my discussion. It nearly gave me a heart attack until I re-read your sentence for the 100th times. I guess why it's named such a name; "old wives' tales" because it was created by the old husbands, to justify certain thing, no? They can't claimed it came from them, because, as you can see, all these tales are totally outrageous and out of this world's logic. So who else can they say based on; but dear "old wives". I hope my explanation satisfy your curiousity and why I think we won't see "Old Husbands' Tales". LOL

  •          Very nice topic my friend, in my country we have a lot of such "old wives' tale", such as; if any new couples want their marriage to remain for ever successful, they have to pot a piece of dough on their front door. And if any couples want their sons have a long life, they have to name them animal's names, like tiger, lion ....etc. Thanks my friend, really I will ask my mother about more of "old wives' tale", and I will write them in your blog. 

    • Hi sewar . .thank you for sharing them. I'm not sure whether we have similar tales over here for long lasting and successful marriage and long life for sons. Maybe I should ask my Mom about them too.

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