Nice to meet you ;)

Hey there! I thought I had already introduced myself but I haven't, LOL
I'm from South America, my native language is Spanish but I studied English as a mayor, so I expect it's not so bad. However, I haven't been able to practice it much lately, so I'm worried it's getting a little... odd.
My hobbies are reading and knotting. I also enjoy listening to music, specially rock.
Recently, my new hobby is baking cookies, but I have to restrain myself with that, or else I'll get fat by eating so much dough!
:) I hope we can get along!


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  • Hi Ishtar,

    Nice hobbies, especially that kind of craftwork. :) Nice to meet you, too!

  • I'm looking forward to it! 

  • Thabk you (: Yeah, I'm not very sociable so I don't come here so often, but I thought it was a good idea to introduce myself as well

  • It's a kind of craftwork, I know it's called macrame in my country.
    Basically it's knitting but only with your fingers, not with needles. 

    • Mishaikh, something like this 2393843469?profile=original

      • Nice and beautiful.  A creative hobby.  Usually it is called 'knitting'.  This name "knotting" may be given because 'knots' are the main thing in this craft.

        Good.   I do see this kind of work, here in my family too.  

  • Can you please explain a bit more, what do you mean by "knotting"? Thanks, want to know just for info.

  • Hi Ishtar! Nice to meet you! Wow, rock... It is good! So, you are not new here, but it was long time from your last time of being here? Then welcome back!
  • Yo tambien, Ishtar. I hope to know you and be one of your friends, can I?

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