New Year's Traditions

Do you have any special traditions for the New Year?

Here in the US South, there are certain food that people eat on the first day of the new year: Black eyed Peas, pork and cabbage or greens.  All of them symbolize some aspect of good fortune for the new year.  

I know China has similar traditions for Chinese (Lunar) New Year - certain food to eat, actiuons to do or not do (don't sweep on New Year's Day).

Also here and across the USA, people stay up late on December 31 to see the New Year "in" and shoot fireworks or even guns (usually shotguns to make loud explosions) into the air at midnight as one year turns into the next.   NOTE:  You shouldn't shoot any guns into the air in urban areas but in rural areas you'll hear the gunshots at midnight.  What goes up must come down so shothun pellets are safer than rifle / pistol bullets.


Does your country or communitry do anything special for the solar New Year's?


Best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous  2023

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  • yes new year new day i am always happy :)))

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  • Typical lunch in my house in New year's are the leftovers from the previous dinner :D     It's sort of tradition listening to the annual new year's concert from Vienna but what I like the most is one of the laziest day of the year.

    Thank you for sharing your traditions over there. 

    I wonder why humans go crazy and make promises to themselves every time the earth makes a complete rotation around the sun :/

    • and you eat grapes as the New Year rolls in you said


    • Indeed))

    • What type of Music from Vienna?  Classical?

    • Yes, it's broadcast in all Europe since long ago

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