• Welcome, Berry. we are on the same page.Β 


  • Hello Berry,

    Are you still there? Try to blog and comment here. Welcome to MyEC!

  • welcome, we can chat togetherΒ 

  • We are the same here are new, so let us start learning togther, that can help us to invest our time and it will be very helpfull.Β 


  • welcome :)


  • Hello, Berry.....welcome in MYEC


  • Welcome Berry. Β EC is not as active as it once was. Β Chat here is active only a few hours a day now or so it seems.

    Cairo is 7 hours ahead of where I live. Β Chat is active in my mornings - 9 am to about noon so that would be your evenings 4 pm to 7 pm or so.

    Sometimes those from Asia will be here while I am sleeping so you may be able to find people chatting in your mornings also.

    Chat is written so it is reading and writing. Β You can write blogs and read blogs, and for speaking there are Skype groups although I haven't used any so can't say which ones are active.

    Questions? Β I have a group where I try to answer Questions -Β



  • Wellcome Berry, right place. Just one warming... shy people are devourer here.

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    • Hi

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