• Nice to see you Paul please mentioned your free time in the comment box so that we all can gathered at the same time.

  • /;Hello Paul, nice meeting you. Just need to practice my english some moments. Could you help me please

  • Nice to see you here, we need more english native speakers to improve our language level.

  • Hello Mark. I am from Hungary and I would like to improve my English. I am new here,and I do not know when you say let`s chat , means in private or via skype? Or I can came up here with a topic and you will share your toughts with me ,with us? So sorry for misunderstanding. It would be great if someone can  give me advices ,how can I use this website in order to improve my English level. Thanks Csaba

  • hello paul

  • Yes, I want to practise English speaking.

    my skype id-live:.cid.b776411b08e72370

  • Thank you everyone


  • Hi, Paul! Welcome to EC! I don't mind to chat with you. Please accept my request.


  • Welcome to the Club, Paul. 

    I hope you will be an enrichment as a native English speaker because they are rarely to find here. 

    • Indeed, Iris, native English speakers are rare birds here, especially those who terminate a declarative sentence wid a question mark....... :-(

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