It is the word by which we are known or addressed to. Some of us are very careful about naming their children. If the name is good, it shows the good qualities of its bearer, and on the contrary, if the name is not good, it refers to undesired qualities of the person. This supposition is not correct all the time.
The name of a person can be "Shaker", and he is not necessarily a religious man. Other names like "loser", but its holder can be a successful person. My question, is it important to choose good names for our children?   

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  • Jeonkgage Hojin Jeong, gwa gamsa! I agree with you, Hojin Jeong, The parents know the importance of the good name to their child. It is not advisable to think that the name changes the fate of the child. It could be a sign of a good omen. As teacher Salma said before, the upbringing is important for the child, not the name alone. Thanks, Hojin for your efforts reading and commenting.   

  • most parents want to grow their child successfully. so parents want to give them very good name.

    some parents used to believed that the name should change their fate. and then they know very well importacet of name. nomally most parents want to put their hope in that name.

  • Asante sana Salma Ibrahim! The name "Salma" comes salama which is safety. I hope you are safe from every harm. Naturally, the responsibility of the parents is not small. it is a big one towards their children. Giving a good name is not enough. Raising them and giving them the good education, helping them when they need you even if they become adults. I agree with you, Salma, some parents give nice names to their kids but they become something different from those names. The upbringing has a lot of influence on the children. Thanks, Salma for your nice intervention. 

  • Asante sana Mr. Mambo! Your English shall be improved soon. With the help of God and the faithful teachers of My English Club. Don't worry my friend. You shall improve, However, your point was quite clear. I try to say, we always sacrifice for the sake of our children. Look at me now, Mambo. I want both my sons to be better than me. meaning to say, if they were the cause of their mother's pain and suffering during her pregnancy of them, the mother and father forgive them and forget that. Thanks, Mr. Mambo for your nice and clear idea. I will try to correct your mistakes after I break the fast.   

  • Muchas gracias Tutor Joe! You said it, Joe, picking a nice name. That what the whole discussion was about. the nice name. If it is given, the child is more active and try to be according to the nice description of that name. One more thing, Joe. I hope to be one of your friends, may I? Thanks for your nice comment. 

  • I was trying to say that just like parents have rights over their kids, children also have rights over their parents. Every unborn child has a right over his parents which is to choose a good father or mother for him. When the child comes into the world, his 2nd right over his parents is for them to give him a good name. Names determine to a large extent what we become in the future. However, giving your child a good name is not enough, it has to be followed with good upbringing. That's why you see some people with good names but they become nothing in life.

    I'm happy with my name because I believe it reflects the kind of person I am. This is a very important topic.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Parents love their children and wish them a good life here on earth.

    Going back to your question above

    Gives his child  name from the state that he passed before the baby is born.

    Example:( Name Torture) Parent gives his child name from the suffering that he went through when she was pregnant. Either she was abandoned by fellow parent.  

    Example: (Name  Blessing) Parent gives the name a child because have been upset to have a child for a long time .

    Ever parents loves children And every name for a child as meaning for parents  life 

    Sorry about my English 

    Correct me if am  rong 

  • Asante sana Salma Ibrahim! I did not catch that clearly. Did you mean that the first child is for his mother to name him or her, and the second child is the responsibility of the father? I am certain, but either way, the good name always has its impact on the child. Thanks, teacher Salma for your nice comment on that discussion, names.

  • Well, nowadays naming kids are not that important in the western countries. We just pick a nice name without thinking its meaning; we use to do it just because of a famous actor or a rock star.

    Or simply we take it from our mate's name...

  • Shookran bizzaf  Halima! Thanks for pressing the like button. 

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