This question is similar to my previous discussion, but this is actually a way to know more about our different cultures and languages: Let's share our favorite names from different countries replying this:

What name would you like to have if you were from:

- Spain (or any other spanish language country)
- Germany
- France
- USA/UK/AU (or any other english language country)
- Russia
- Japan
- Turkey
- Egypt (or any other arabic language country)
- Italy
- Other country you like

Note to those who might take things too seriously: Just share the names you like from any of these countries/languages... no need to consider to change your name and nationality for real! :P XD

My choices:
Spain - Julia or Alba
Germany - Jenell or Ingrid
France - Ivette or Jolie
USA/UK/AU or any other english language country - Mary -- i'm already used to it :P
Russia - Masha :P
Japan - Hiyori or Setsuko
Turkey - Sanem
Egypt (or any other arabic language country) - Alima or Zaira
Italy - Giulia or Mariella :P
-Other country: Any Swahili language country - Aiysha or Nalah

Note: I've picked most of these names just because I like how they sound to my 'spanish ear'; and few others also because of its meaning.


Some links to help you to pick names, in case you don't know common names from other countries:

- Spanish names
- German names
- French names
- English names
- Russian names
- Japanese names
- Turkish names
- Arabic names
- Italian names


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  • Well, I'm a little late for answering this discussion. I couldn't help but add all the names I liked, sorry for making the list long...


    Girl's: Isabella/ Bella, Luciana, Samantha, Emilia/ Emily, Ana, Miranda, Irene, Clara.

    Boy's: Emiliano, Andris, Adrian, Ivan.


    Girl's: Frida, Sarah, Maya, Lisa, Elisa.

    Boy's: Emil, Vincent ( I liked Vincent cause I love Vincent van Gogh).


    Girl's: Oceane, Orlee.

    boy's: Darcy, Elisee, Raoul.


    Girl's: Pansy



    Girl's: Arisha, Anya, Ira, Margarita, Yana. 

    Boy's: Emil, Nil, Roman.

    (I even don't know how to pronounce most of the names especially French & Russian.)


    Gir's: Akira, Sayuri.

    Boy's: Rio.


    Gir's: Fairuz, Norah, Rayyan, Sameera.

    Boy's: Danyal, Sameer.


    Gir's: Nazli, Turna.

    Boy's: Nil.


    Gir's: Alessia, Abriana, Amara, Aria, Aryana, Viola, Magenta.

    Boy's: Alvino, Emilio.


    Gir's: Mrimoyee, Oporajita.

    Boy's: Abir, Meg, Shuvro.

    :) :) :)


  • Spanish... Enrique & Jorge (I name them daily actually)

    French... Étienne, Maxime

    English... Derek, Lincoln

    German... Manfred, Konrad

    Russian... Stanislav, Oleg

    Arabic... Akbar, Masoud

    Japanese... Hachiro (it reminds me of Hachiko the dog) Masaru

    Italian... Alessandro, Marco

    • Hi, Estanis. Those German names, I know only for old men. You deserve a modern one. Many of the old names came back...but not those you have chosen.


      • Psst... Rose... *whispering* ...Estanis is a quite odd guy... just leave him alone with his weird things and nod your head like this:



        • Can you specify odd?

          • ugh, you read what I "whispered"...



            erm.. of course! 'odd' is short for: 'Owsome DuDe'... everybody knows that!...


        • Golden Girls Laughing Hysterically GIF - GoldenGirls LaughingHysterically Hilarious GIFs

          I am in the middle...))))))))))))))))))

        • Haha, MARY, I will consider this next time


      • Actually I read they were popular in the war age. I chose Manfred because that was the name of a german person I knew long time ago while he lived in my town.  He opened a successful business, a gym and a bar side by side lol...

    • Uhm, yeah... these spanish names would be nice for you too.

      But Lincoln? mmm..... why not Ulysses S. or Martin Luther?, or Alexander Graham?, or Sir Isaac?... or Jesus!? :D 

      I see you like Oleg more than Olgo XD


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