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Hi there! I'm reading a books about stories and myths from Japan and I got curious what myths and legends you have in your countries that might be interesting to share.

I live in Chile, and here there is an Island that is very rich in mythology. It is said that even today there are witches, sorcerers and shamans. They can be your neighbors and friends, and you might never know what they really are.

One of the stories that are told there is the one of the Pincoya. She is a spirit of the water, a kind of mermaid that appears dancing on the shore, near the sea. If she dances facing the sea, the fishing will be good. If she dances facing the land, the fishing will be poor, since the fish and seafood will be scarce.

Another mythical “being”  is the Caleuche, a ghost ship. It is a being because it is said that it has consciousness and feelings. The Caleuche is crewed by the drowned victims of shipwrecks of fishing boats. It is also said that when it appears you can hear music and parties coming from the inside, alluring sailors and fishermen to come and become victims that will never be back home again.

There are many other interesting stories, meant to explain what people couldn't understand, or meant to entertain, in a time when technology wasn't a thing.

Share some myths from your cities/countries :) I’m eager to learn!

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  • Every culture has its own mythology, and endless stories based on that.  Whether they exist in reality, it is always doubtful. Some believe yes, some just enjoy reading them.

  • IRAN is full of Myths and Legends.

    But my favorite one is "Rise of Kaveh the Blacksmith".


    This story is about the king's oppression and Kaveh's uprising against him.

    In the Shahnameh a poetic opus written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi around 1000 AD, Zahhak is an evil king who conquers Iran and who has serpents growing out of his shoulders.

    Read more: Zahhak; the Legend of the Serpent King

    5058367067?profile=RESIZE_400xThe Story happens in the country of Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is the site of the earliest developments of the Neolithic Revolution from around 10,000 BC. It has been identified as having "inspired some of the most important developments in human history, including the invention of the wheel, the planting of the first cereal crops, and the development of cursive script, mathematics, astronomy, and agriculture".

    5058421852?profile=RESIZE_400xMesopotamia Lands were parts of the Persian (Iranian) Empire for a long time.

    5058770099?profile=RESIZE_400xKings and dynasties came and went one after another. And this is (Persia) Iran's latest Map. More than 2,500 years after the previous Map.

    Zahhak; the Legend of the Serpent King
    Zahhak is an evil king who conquers Iran and who has serpents growing out of his shoulders. This story come from Shahnameh book.
    • Thank you Mahammad... you said enough. There is no need for me to say anything 🙂

  • Me gushta las leyandas, y me gushta los que les gustan. Ishtar, my grandmother told me to put sugar near the door of the  woman that I love and want to marry. That woman would be mine according to the legend. 

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